Welcome to the Community of BMW GS riders!

More Info: https://www.bmw-gs-club.de/


We are the biggest international organisation of BMW GS drivers, who experience more fun with riding! Our focus are exciting bike-tours and interesting encounter around the globe, expressing our own individual way of life. We are seekiing challenges, relaxation and joint action on routes, undiscovered by most.

We are lobbyist and associative contact for GS riders globally and with over 1.000 members the biggest German BMW Club.


Our members: All are enthusiastic BMW GS riders!


Germany, Bavaria, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Morocco, Japan, USA, Equador, RSA – our members are from all over the globe. Partnerships with other BMW motorcycle clubs and common events are for us always a welcome opportunity to meet and exchange some fuel-talk. The BMW GS Club has the ambition to act as an example and to be a messanger for the brand and for the organisation of international meetings and tours.

Our travel/off road bikes are driven in a adaquate fashion on secondary road or on international trips crossing multiple continents. As saison start up we will organise a BMW motorcycle day in Bavaria and some tours in the Dolomites. In July we will be present on the BMW Motorcycle days in Garmisch with our dedicated club tent. All year we are organizing one week trips to Morocco with GS 800 and 1200 from our partners in Morocco.

2015 we will gear up and organise the first GS Saharacamp in the south of Morocco with expected 500 participants. Many well known companies and partners have already confirmed their participation. Among them the James Bond Double and Stuntman Jean-Pierre Goy. Real adventure is guaranteed and combined with oriental gracious living.



April 2014, somewhere in the Sahara: Gérard, Karsten, Thilo


The organisation of the BMW Club in Munich



We are offering a regulars’ table every 2 weeks in Munich (and once a month in our off springs in 16 other citys), where we are welcoming all GS riders as guests. Nowhere else you can me great people, it smells of fuel, adventure and wide horizons.

During the week on summer evenings we like to meet around the lake of Starnberg for a drink and interesting conversations. We are planning our traditional and professionally guided tours to Hungaria, Romania, France, Corsica and other Europian destinations; not mention our weekend trips to the Dolomites, our back-yard playground. On top of that we are supporting a couple of desert trip to the Sahara and we organize egular meeting on your own or a rented bike from our partner in Maracesh.

Desert Camp close to the West Sahara


Our Members are entiteled to a number of generous offers, eg 10% discount on all BMW parts and assesories, 10% when shopping with our partner Wunderlich, a very complete travel insurance on the our club tours, 10% when staying in our partner-hotels in the Dolomites and many more special offers with many of our corporation-partners. All that is available for our club members for a token payment of €30,- a year.


Our task is that all members enjoy the club spirit and feel comfortable. For us it is very important that our members indentify and enjoy the common spirit. We don’t like narrow-minded views or restricted society life. We see our bikes as a connect between interested people and many high-class events, enjoyable for all. What about…wellness-dinner in Meran, Oysters for lunch in Sete, enjoy the opera in Milano, experience a desert trip in Morocco or just visit the local pub Häring in Tutzing? Although we are not always living up to our own requirements…this is what the GS is built for: A dream-machine!

More info: https://www.bmw-gs-club.de/



We are a group of GS riders, who want to share their experience of the riding pleasure! We are focused on motorcycle trips and interesting meetings around the globe, leading to special events all around bike riding.

We are the biggest official BMW Club in Germany !


ust visit the local pub Häring in Tutzing? Although we are not always living up to our own requirements…this is what the GS is built for: A dream-machine!






Visitor Info:


Club meeting every first Wednesday of the month at:

Restaurant Poseidon, 327 Forstenrieder Allee, 81476 München

Route plan under „Contacts“.









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10% off in HELD Megastore- Sonthofen!

11/08/2014 13:31

10% off BMW and Wunderlich !

15/07/2014 12:37

BMW Motorrad days in Passau 6th juin 2014

06/06/2014 10:28
We are there !

Back from the desert

05/05/2014 12:58
We are back from the Sahara: 7000 Kms between Atlas and Sahara, West Sahara and all the magic of...

New member

26/03/2014 11:58
Prof. Dr. Walter Thumfart new member auf our club!   Welcome!


26/01/2014 17:02
The GS Club of Munich is now on Twitter:   BMWGSCLUB   Thanks for your visit!


09/01/2014 14:31
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09/01/2014 10:06
Alleine am gestrigen Stammtisch sind sechs neue Mitglieder offiziell aufgenommen worden! Herzlichen...


08/01/2014 12:12
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Umfrage zum Club

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